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Thinking Outloud: Cherish The Moment

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Each and everyday, we all cherish the moment where we get to make an impact on today and tomorrow. There are moments and experiences that don’t seem very significant at that time that become very memorable and heartwarming.
Recently I was not able to attend much of an area football contest, but I was able to be there at the right time, so it was a priceless ‘quality over quantity’ moment.
The score of the contest was pretty much decided, but the home team was in control of the ball and on the Seniors final regular season home game, many players were taking advantage of the moments to play together on their home turf. In a golden opportunity, a Senior that had scored numerous times in prior seasons, powered into the endzone and pointed to the sky while in the endzone. I was able to capture the moment through the viewfinder of my camera, usually I have dropped my eye from the viewfinder but for some reason, I felt the need to catch the jubilation of the score.
Lo and behold, it was his first touchdown of the season and even better yet, it was a tribute touchdown to a grandparent that passed this Summer. When I was able to look at the photo on a bigger screen, the computer, I could wholeheartedly tell that it was a priceless moment that I captured after looking deeper and seeing the emotion as well as finding out some of the backstory to the moment from the athletes family friends and family members themselves.
At the time, the moment didn’t feel any different than any other touchdown that was scored, but now being able to capture the moment for the athlete and his family to cherish forever and ever, gives me goosebumps.
I know that I am preaching to the choir, but athletes and parents need to make sure and enjoy the moments on the journey of high school sports, they don’t last forever and for athletes to share the experience with family members is a chance of a lifetime. For every grandparent sitting in the stands for your game, there is another athlete that never got to play high school football in front of their grandparents. I am one of them.
As a former football player myself, I am sending out a memo to Area Gridiron Greats, cherish your moments on the turf on Friday Nights in front of family and friends, especially when you get to run into the endzone. In my whole career, every touchdown I scored got called back because of penalty, so live in the moment when you score and be a sponge, those memories will live on forever.
I am jealous of everybody that gets to strap on the pads and helmet in hopes of reaching the endzone. I am guessing the feeling of scoring a touchdown, is just like my time at that recent football game, it is a ‘quality over quantity’ moment that will never-ever be forgotten.