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Thinking Outloud

Kelly Ninas
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Have you gotten the chance to make a positive influence on somebody else’s life today, maybe this week? Have you reached out towards others or are you too concerned with your own well-being to get out of your ‘tunnel vision’ life to show concern for other people that might just need a little ‘pick-me-up’. You just might be missing the boat, by looking into the mirror way too much to see yourself and not show interest in others.
Locally within the TRIBUNE-Area, the affect that a high school kid or role model can have on a elementary kid is very evident. The shining faces of elementary kids when they are noticed by their high school idols is priceless. Nobody should ever forget that somewhere, you are somebody else’s idol, every move you make counts and is noticed.
We all remember when we were kids the people that we idolized whether it be models, sports stars, actors, etc. but in each and every community in Nebraska and in the United States of America, there are kids that dream to be big and grown-up. They want to follow in the same footsteps as a neighbor, family friend, older brother or sister; or a parent just as much as they want to run down the hardwood like their basketball hero or run over or around defenders like their favorite football player.
There are heroes and idolized people in our everyday lives that assist US in getting through the day, the week and the month; a simple handshake, hug and/or hello goes a long ways. We are all kids at heart and will always have that kid inside of us, we all want the chance to turn that inch given from our heroes and idols into a mile.
There will always be heroes and idols around the globe that we will never have the chance to thank, our military is stationed around the globe and at home, doing their best to protect our way of life and our freedom. We may never get the chance to say ‘THANK YOU’ to all that deserve the praise, but every chance that you get to thank a soldier or veteran, take advantage of the situation.
There are many heroes and idols that are walking the street, visiting your schools or workplaces. You maybe somebody else’s hero or idol; all it takes is a little effort to give an inch for somebody’s mile to be complete. Make A Difference.