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Collins Achieves Dream By Opening Presence Candles

Thursday, November 29, 2018
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            A DREAM became reality for Wendy Collins as she opened up Presence Candles recently in Cozad.

Wanting to try new things and having a admiration for candles, led Wendy Collins of Gothenburg to recently open Present Candles along the Interstate corridor of Cozad at 100 South Meridian Avenue, next to Collins Automotive in Cozad.
The making of candles, started over 10 years ago for Collins, when she was intrigued by a kit to make your own candles. She purchased the kit and the venture started in her kitchen.
The first candles poured by Wendy Collins were of the ‘Rain’ fragrance and name and they were greenish-blue in color. The current ‘Rain’ scented products available are very similar to the first candles that she ever poured.
“I really like candles and soon after the first batches were enjoyed by my family in our home, I started giving the candles I made as gifts to friends and family members,” expressed Wendy Collins.
It was at that time that she started to try different colors and fragrances and soon thereafter the hobby was starting to take over her kitchen and dining room.
It was at that time, about 2-3 years ago that Steve and Wendy Collins purchased the property and building from Eric and Diana Beisner at 100 South Meridian. Soon after the purchase of the building, Wendy started making the candles in the kitchen area of the building and using the storage area that had shelves hung to sell from the back area of the building.
To move from the back of the building to the storefront that faces the interstate corridor was easier said than done. The Collins family had to install lighting and update the heating and cooling of the front showcase room of the building. The remodeling of the current business was a hard-earning venture that took about a year and a half to complete.
“We didn’t know how much of the room, my products would take up. We have a variety of locally made products such as coffee and kettlecorn from Cozad-Area individuals for sale along with our very own created Presence candles, melts, soaps and lotions,” stated Collins. “We are still looking to assist anybody locally that makes their own products and would like to sell their product in our store.”
Coming up with the name of the business was easy. “The presence of God and the presence of smell is warming,” stated Collins.
There are over 60 fragrances of candles available currently that all fit into seasonal scents. Currently one of the more popular scents comes from the Winter and Christmas collection that is Cranberry Kettlecorn. “Everytime I look at the list of scents that the supplier has available, I get a kick out of the unusual scents and feel intrigued to try the new scents and fragrances,” stated Collins.
Along with the candles, Collins has created a variety of handmade soaps that are detergent free, oatmeal, shea, three butter, goat’s milk and buttermilk. She also has available to purchase, several lotions that are made of shea butter, aloe, argan, and orange essential oil.
For Collins and the patrons of Cozad, the Presence Candles make scents.