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Bids Opened For Cozad North Resurfacing Project At Recent Commissioners Meeting

Melanie Nutt
Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Monday, October 15th.
Official’s Receipts were filed as submitted: $405.00 County Clerk; $19,171.24 Register of Deeds; $14,749.10 Clerk of District Court and $9,000.00 Surveyor.
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $633,777.97 were approved as submitted as were Claims in the amount of $343,770.76.
Under Committee Reports, Commissioner Butch Hagan reported that he had attended the recent NIRMA (Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association) Conference and that the county had received a refund of almost $13,000 on the county’s insurance and $1,000 for not having to make any safety claims on workmen’s compensation this past year.
The commissioners approved an addendum for the Cozad North Resurfacing date change from October 1st to October 15th.
Randy Deans, representing Miller & Associates, appeared to open bids for the Cozad North Resurfacing Project.
This project involves 12 ¼ miles north of Cozad from the Cozad city line to the Dawson County/Custer County line. Bid schedules were requested for both 3 ½ inch asphalt and 6 inch concrete.
Paulsen Inc. submitted the lone bids for the project. The bid for the asphalt was $3,210,882.23 and the concrete bid was $5,563,101.67.
Deans was directed to follow procedure and take the bids to look over and come back to the November 1st meeting with recommendations.
In other business, Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber presented the September crime reports.
There were 167 inmates booked during the month of September.  The average daily population was 94.7/day. Of these, 63 or 64 were contract inmates and 30 or 31 were Dawson County inmates.
“It’s always good when we have paying customers,” commented Commissioner Dennis Rickertsen.
There were 912 services in September and 1,627 LEC dispatch calls for service.
Deputy County Attorney Jared Dean reported back to the commissioners on a piece of property that was thought to be owned by the county but is not. The parcel is for sale.
“It is a GIS error, as all of the deeds show that it has always been owned by an owner other than the county,” Dean explained.
Road Superintendent Mark Christiansen reported his findings on the use of Road 425 North of Road 755 to a dead end as a possibility to be vacated.
Christiansen noted that no one lives on this road and there is no bus route on it.  
“It is just under two miles and right now the county maintains it,” Christiansen said.
“If vacated the owners will put a gate across it and maintain it,” Christiansen continued.
The Commissioners directed Christiansen to study the use of the road for road vacating and then return for a public hearing at the November 15th meeting.
Lawyer BJ Malcom appeared with Robert and Elaine Lynch for a request for a variance of the flood plain for property they own and are trying to sell.
Road Superintendent Mark Christiansen had denied the Lynch’s variance request, so their next step was to appeal to the Board of Commissioners.
Malcom and the Lynches explained that they had complied with all requests on what needed to be done or removed on the buildings on the property, including the installation of louvers and the removal of a septic system in one of the buildings.
Deputy County Attorney Jared Dean explained how the property had been regulated by ordinances from 1992 – 2011 and that one of the buildings had been built after 2011 and was under different regulations than the other buildings.
After hearing the testimonies of Malcom and the Lynches, the commissioners voted to approve the flood plain variance for the property.
Commissioners also approved a Liquor License manager application presented by Lakeshore Marina Bar & Grille.
Board members visited the county jail for inspection following the meeting.
The next regular meeting for the Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Thursday, November 1st beginning at 8 a.m. in the Commissioners meeting Room in the Dawson County Courthouse located in Lexington, NE.